Reflections on Mikki Kendall’s ‘Hood Feminism’

By Georgina Brown

Mikki Kendall beckons anyone who calls themselves a feminist to educate themselves on the work the needs to be done. In this fierce and ruthless book, Kendall highlights the importance of intersectionality and what the principle goal of feminism should be: to support all women and not to be fooled by the illusion that a privileged few women are representative of widespread equality. 

This book is essential and grounding, highlighting how issues such as hunger, poverty, gun violence and housing are all feminist issues. Although based around the American political landscape, Kendall’s knowledge and experiences can be applied globally, to build on the continued resistance of patriarchy, white supremacy and discrimination; helping us to share a vision of equality and inclusivity. This book is a battle-cry that any feminist, especially any white feminist, must read, take note and apply.

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